malka ([personal profile] malka) wrote2013-06-28 12:00 am

think before you brand your products, people

I lost a wonderful water bottle to the TSA. I remember many things about it (It was exactly the right size and shape to fit in my carry-around bag while carrying the maximum amount of water -- narrowish and medium height. It was clear turquoise plastic. It was sturdy. It had a thumb-pop-off-cap. It was light-weight.) Unfortunately, the only word on it (in large stylized letters) was "fuel".

It is very hard to search for "fuel" and "water bottle" and pick up this company, which apparently also goes by "home presence" and "trudeau". There are a lot of other people talking about using water bottles for fuel and fuel bottles to take camping and general other noise.

Sadly, I don't think I can get my proper turquoise bottle back. I think this will be my best bet, and I won't be able to tell if it's the right size and shape until it gets here.

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