Sep. 13th, 2010 12:00 am
A statement that includes "should", or that even implies "should", tends to be very bad for me. It focuses my attention on a simple binary -- do X or not do X -- and covers over my own sense of what would be appropriate for me to do. It's very hard for me to come up with the more appropriate answer of "D with a little E, bits of R every now and then, and a B-ish flavor" when I'm trying to choose between X or passive-aggressively wiggling out of X because not-X is not actually an answer either.

Relevant lemma, proof in other documents: nothing in my life is ever as simple as a one-word answer.

Corollary: any statement along the lines of "Give 110%" or "Push through it" is bad for me as well.

Relevant lemma #2: there are many interacting reasons both for and against any decision that I've made. People who want to peel individual slivers of reason off and refute them one by one drive me up a wall.

Relevant lemma #3: I have knowledge that is unique to my situation that other people do not have. Therefore general solutions do not always work for me. This lemma appears to be true for every value of "me".

General commentary: things are, of course, different when one is deciding for oneself and when one is deciding for a group of people. It is reasonable for my decisions for a group to be challenged, especially by a member of that group, in ways that it is not reasonable for my decisions for myself to be challenged.



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